Although better known for her work exhibited in galleries and museums, Alison Gill has had much experience of involvement with projects and events beyond the conventional white cube spaces of contemporary art and welcomes the challenge and imaginative possibilities of responding to particular social contexts, audiences and environments. An example being a temporary intervention at (the former) Chiltern Sculpture Park: The In-between which was also accompanied by a web project titled Follow The Trail. Projects / Events include works in public rural and urban spaces; the London Underground; exhibiting in an empty unit the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre; producing a drawing blog and performative collaborations at artist led frivolities including Joshua Compston’s Fete Worse than Death, Gavin Turk’s Livestock Market and Articultural Show on the Southbank, Deborah Curtis’s The House of Fairytales; Mark Pilkington’s Strange Attractor Salon, Bridget Nicholls’s and Mark Pilkington’s First International Arts PestivalOther events have included Back-shop Salon, a series of evening events including a collaboration with poet Tamar Yoseloff, events were organised by Alison Gill to coincide with her exhibition Legend Trip, 2012 which explored contemporary folklore and other themes within Gill’s work on show at Charlie Dutton Gallery.  

The most recent projects include a site specific sculpture ‘Grain of a Universe (Lithic/Ferric)’, 2014, made in situ at The Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, Indiana USA, produced in their workshop and foundry. In an ongoing partnership with Art@CMS, the sculpture ‘Stranger Than Paradise’, made as the Research Artist for CMS CERN 2013 was recently exhibited at the 37th International Conference on High Energy Physics in Valencia in the Palacio De Congresos De Valencia, Spain.

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