Alison Gill – Dreams of a Witch House

Within the exhibition Altered Realities, Alison Gill’s Dreams of a Witch House has emerged anew from an earlier iteration of the work. Acknowledging a fundamental shift in global perception, and with a nod to H.P.Lovecraft, Alison Gill’s Dreams of a Witch House is intended to become a provisional site for the representation of new states of reality. The sculpture installation offers a parallel world for ‘dark times’ invocating ideas about ecology, folklore, shamanic rites and utopian dreams gone awry. Enter the geodesic dome. Alone, together. Close your eyes. Open your eyes…

Last chance to see the sculpture installation and hear the artist talk: ‘There is no such thing as a sculpture and other things’ at the Lethaby Gallery, 14 March 6-8 pm, Central Saint Martins, Kings Cross, London.