Alison Gill is an artist who is transforming the language of sculpture, inventing new forms and processes and radically blending the idiosyncrasies of the artist’s own hand with digital technology.

Alison Gill’s art appeals to the contemporary imagination as a unique sculptural encounter establishing a sense of narrative, combining the pleasures of the cerebral with the physical and material world. What marks her out as a sculptor of the twenty-first century is perhaps the subversive humour and scope of vision embodied in much of her recent work. Combining digital production methods with conventional sculpting techniques such as modelling, casting and steel construction she has developed a distinctive visual language.

Gill’s art shows us the underbelly of things, re-imagining a world, evoking the magical and uncanny. Many of the subjects informing the work are situated at the edges of consensual, visible reality. They exist in-between ordinary human experience, embodying unfamiliar, uncertain or unknown phenomena and speculative imagination. Over the last two decades these have included: narratives on creation, origins and the Big Bang; representation of transcendental and visionary experience informed by mathematical models, spiral growth and the work of William Blake; shamanic techniques, folklore and popular culture ascribed to hallucinogenic fungi and ‘legend tripping’, the adolescent practice taking elements of a rite of passage. Gill has also examined the structure of belief, miracles and so called ‘pious hoaxing’ and the topological, psychoanalytical and metaphysical ideas associated with mathematical knots, the Klein Bottle, the Möbius Strip and multiple dimensions. Recent collaborations include working closely with experimental physicists at the Compact Muon Solenoid detector at CERN. Gill is a hands-on sculptor, always in search of new and better stories for anyone curious about the self and their place in the world at large.


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